Training & Consultation

Training for Professionals

Finding Your Way through the Child Protection System.  This brief introductory workshop is designed to increase and build upon workplace capacity across the sector and upskill frontline staff so they can work more effectively with families to navigate the child protection system.  It also demonstrates the non-adversarial nature of the Fin WA model of advocacy, and models the importance of respectful relationships as the key to the way in which we affect positive outcomes.

The emphasis on lived experience, creation of a safe space and connections between worker, and peer workers, are core elements of this workshop.  While a parents lived experience is not the main feature of this workshop, the value and importance of family inclusive practice will be embedded and highlighted throughout, and will encourage participants to consider the way in which they think about, and work with parents.

This 3-4 hour workshop is run throughout the year, and on request, at a cost of $100 per participant.

Foster Care Training

Fin WA provides training to foster carers so they can gain insight into the experiences of parents who have children in care, and can explore ways of working that are helpful for the children in the care of foster carers.  This training provides a safe space for foster carers to explore and ask questions that will help build understanding and positive relationships.  We know that positive relationships between birth parents, foster carers and children can help to reduce stress and anxiety, can prevent problems, and can help children feel more secure knowing all the adults in their life are working together.

A Family Partner will co-facilitate this workshop.

Conferences Presentations

Student groups


Family Partner (peer) and Volunteer Training

Fin WA particularly values the participation of people who have lived experience of involvement with the child protection system.  The voice and input of people with lived experience is very powerful as it provides hope and dignity to families who are currently navigating the system.  The child protection system is very complex, and parents and families face significant power imbalances as they attempt to understand and engage with the system, at the same time as they are grappling with the deeply personal, and complex issues of why their children came to the attention of child protection. 

Research is clear that the involvement of parent peers is linked to higher rates of parental participation and engagement, and to parent and family satisfaction with services, as well as to higher rates of reunification. (see here for specific research articles.

The voice of parents and families has always been central to the history and work of Fin WA.  Since 2018 we have focused very specifically on developing a peer program that trains families who have been involved with the child protection system to walk alongside others and support them in their journey.  Fin WA peer workers are called Family Partners.

Family Partners can provide a bridge between parents and the system, building courage and confidence for parents.  They can also work to inform and influence systemic change of the child protection process by participating in consultations, training and research.

There is a process of training and assessment before being linked with families, and there is ongoing support and supervision for all volunteers within Fin WA.

To become volunteer with Fin WA you will be asked to:

  1. Attend an information session.
  2. If you are still interested, complete an expression of interest form.
  3. Agree to and sign the Code of Conduct, and Privacy and Confidentiality Policies.
  4. Commit to further training and assessment
  5. Become a Member of the Association
  6. Obtain a Police Clearance

A National Police Clearance is a requirement for any volunteer in Fin WA Inc.

Please note: Criminal records do not exclude you from becoming a volunteer, however, this depends on the nature of the offences committed and the time since they occurred.  Copies of your Police Clearance/Criminal Record will be kept according to our confidentiality and privacy policies in your file.

Fin WA also commits to ensuring volunteer rights are upheld.

For more information about the volunteer and Family Partner roles at Fin WA, and to begin the process, please contact Jacquie: or Phone: 9328 6434 or 04011 032 308.

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