Support and self-care

The emotional experience of parents and family members ranges from grief, anger, shame and hopelessness.  

Parents and family members are often traumatised and in shock when children have been removed from their home, and don’t know what to do, who to talk to, or who to trust.  It is therefore, an essential part of Fin WA’s role to provide support through listening and holding the distress, and where necessary make appropriate referrals.

Fin WA provides support and art space for families to talk with other parents, and to do some creative activities.  This can help parents to stay engaged in the process when it seems long and slow, and to get ideas and suggestions from other families.  A supportive, relaxing environment can help families remember that they are the expert in their own lives, and the central agent of change.  The creative activities can also offer calming, reflective time to help families find their inner strength, and hold onto hope in this challenging journey.

Self-care resources:

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