Our Life, Our Journey

Our Life, Our Journey’ published by Margaret River Press (2015) tells the story of parents being involuntary participants in the child protection system.

This book,  the first of its kind in Australia has been developed by the Family Inclusion Network WA  (Fin WA)  with funding from Lotterywest. It uses the medium of photography and related narrative to share parents’ experiences of the child protection system. Interspersed throughout the book are academic reflections from notable experts in the field.

The result is a collection of images and stories both confronting and challenging to see and read.

Executive Officer of Fin WA, Debbie Henderson, says “for parents it’s important that the broader community hear a different discourse than that of parents as ‘bad’. Generally the discourse relating to parents involved with child protection interventions is; they have deliberately or knowingly caused harm to their child and deserve to be punished. However, when we hear their stories of complexity and challenges which have impeded their ability to care safely for their child we begin to hear a different discourse”.

The book is a valuable teaching and learning tool and can be used in supervision sessions, in the delivery of training to staff and to facilitate helpful conversations with parents and families.

Books can be ordered by clicking on the email link under the Publications heading.  A postage and handling fee will be charged for delivery.

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