Parent Pack

Fin WA has developed a Guide for Parents or Parent Pack, for when families are just starting to connect with the child protection system.  The suggestion for this Guide came from one of our Family Partners and it contains information and tools that families have told us they wish they had known about when they were newly involved with the system.

The Pack includes tip sheets, a diary, a notebook, and welcome message from parents to parents.  

There are also self-care elements that encourage parents to look after themselves and get support while navigating this complex and stressful process – items such as mindful colouring, a tea bag, and mini-moisturiser. 

These elements are all contained in a handy folder where other paperwork and documents can be kept, so parents can feel more organised when working with the Department.

We are grateful for the wisdom and practical support provided by the Family Partners, and to be able to share this resource so that families can understand and participate more fully in this complex system.

For more information, or to collect a Parent Pack, please contact Jacquie:

Ph: 0411 032 308

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