Students & Researchers

Student Placements

Providing opportunities for professional development in the area of inclusive child protection practice is important to Fin WA.  Students are required to be in their final placement of social work studies, though other disciplines may be considered.  If you would like to discuss the possibility of doing your placement with Fin WA , please use the contact section of this website.

Parent Voice in Research

Fin WA has access to a number of parents with whom researchers can talk.  However, it is important that a Fin WA staff member makes the first contact with parents to explain the purpose of the research study and to obtain consent from the parent before direct contact between researchers and parents can take place.  To discuss your study with Fin WA , please use the contact section of this website to concisely convey the purpose of your study and include your contact details.

Research Articles

Fin WA has contributed to many research papers and articles:

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