Board of Management

Who We Are

Rebecca Kafetzis

Rebecca has recently moved to join The Mackillop Institute as the National Sanctuary Practice Lead overseeing business development, practice guidance and implementation across Australia and New Zealand. Rebecca is an experienced executive professional with a diverse career in the government, not-for-profit, and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO) sectors. With more than two decades of service in human and community services, she has worked in various domains such as out-of-home care, child protection, homelessness, disability, mental health, and counselling services across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Rebecca has extensive experience delivering culturally appropriate services across Australia. She is skilled in developing and implementing culturally sensitive programs and services, building strong relationships with community leaders and organisations, and advocating for social justice and equality for Aboriginal communities.

Andrew Speirs

Andrew is a CPA and CMA qualified Finance and Accounting leader with 20 years of international accounting experience. Andrew is the Chief Financial Officer for Zetta Group Limited, a Perth based IT company, with responsibility for Finance, ESG, Health and Safety and HR.  Andrew has been a Company Secretary for 15 years, currently holding that position at Zetta.

Anna Farrant

Anna has practiced extensively in crime (youth and adult), Child Protection, Family Law and Mental Health Tribunal matters throughout her career. She has held roles at Women’s Legal Service Victoria, Victoria Legal Aid (metro and regional offices) and in private practice. Anna returned to WA in 2020 after a decade in Victoria and is currently the Senior Lawyer at the Women’s Legal Service WA. In this role, she continues her focus on Child Protection and related legal issues for women.

Helen Nys

Helen has been a Senior Executive for the Department of Communities – Child Protection and Family Support; with substantial experience in operational service delivery, Strategic Policy and Service design. She has worked at senior levels in government in Australia and the United Kingdom in Child Protection, Disability Services Strategic policy and Service Design. She believes her unique quality is her experience and ability to work in both strategic and operational contexts. She is passionate about effective community engagement, partnerships across government and non-government sectors, and contemporary service design. She has experience in the areas of Child Protection, Disability Services, NDIS, Housing and Homelessness, Family and Domestic Violence, Seniors and Elder Abuse. Helen has a long standing interest in better outcomes for children and families involved in the child protection system and advocates for better processes to support families and include them in decision making for their children. She is committed to working with aboriginal people to reverse the disproportionate numbers of aboriginal children in care”

Grady Coyne

Grady graduated from Social Work at The University of Western Australia in 2002 and spent 2 years working in Child Protection in the Kimberley before returning to Perth where she has worked in various roles in the Health Department, predominantly in the Women and Newborn Health, and the Women and Newborn Drug and Alcohol Service (WANDAS). Grady has many years’ experience working with vulnerable families who are involved with the Child Protection System in the Pre-Birth space. She is currently Acting Coordinator of Social Work at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

Katy Raftery

I am an Aboriginal woman from the West Kimberley (Yawuru, Ngul Ngul an Bard) and East Kimberley (Jaru and Gidja) regions of WA. I was born in Port-Hedland Pilbara region and have strong and kinship connections to the East and West Kimberley and community connections in the Pilbara region. I have extensive experience at a senior leadership level in the human services sector across government and not-for-profit, and Aboriginal community-controlled organisation sectors. I have a strong background in child protection of 15 years, working with the Department of Child Protection and Department of Communities for a total of 20 years with dedication in reducing the over representation of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care. I have a demonstrated history of providing holistic, strategic and culturally safe support services and have an interest in collaborating to form strong partnerships with various agencies and communities. I am committed to reducing the over-representation of Aboriginal people across a range of structural areas and strive to support and improve service response that empower Aboriginal people. Currently, I am the Coordinator of the Aboriginal Liaison Unit at Joondalup Health Campus, providing cultural support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients in their hospital journey. Liaising with clinical, allied health and health staff in a multidisciplinary approach, ensuring quality care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

Kati Francis

Kati Francis has been a member at Fin WA for 2 years. Kati is a social worker with over 20 years’ experience working with children and families in education, child protection and in not for profit services. Kati has studied child protection and service management as post graduate studies. Kati is passionate about children and families having a voice in services designed to support them and keep them safe. Kati has worked with user led organisations advocating for family voice in child protection in the UK, and has supported the work of Fin WA for the last 6 years since moving to Perth. Kati is also employed at Wanslea, managing regional programmes delivering services to children and families, to achieve better outcomes for all children, to be safe and connected to community and culture.

Shona Robertson

As an experienced Community Sector Leader, Shona is passionate about contributing to positive sector growth, change and the development of sustainable and accessible services and supports for children, families, individuals and communities. She is committed to improving outcomes, building capability,  elevating the voice of those she works with and providing opportunities for collaborative co-design processes and innovative and creative strategies, planning and design. Shona has experience working across regional and metropolitan locations and identifies her time spent working in the Kimberley region as central to her ongoing commitment to supporting self-determination, family led decision making and increased communication and transparency for individuals and families negatively impacted and disempowered by social, political and government systems. Shona holds formal qualifications in Behavioural Science, Counselling and Clinical Art Therapy and over the past 12 years, has contributed to the Not-for -profit sector as a leader in the Housing and Homelessness, Justice and OOHC sectors. Shona is currently the General Manager for OOHC, Family and Community Services with MercyCare and the Vice -Chair for the Children and Family Alliance WA.

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